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Sas dataset

Sas dataset

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Definition of a SAS Data Set. A SAS data set is a SAS file stored in a SAS library that SAS creates and processes. A SAS data set contains data values that are organized as a table of observations (rows) and variables (columns) that can be processed by SAS software. The observations in the new data set are arranged by the values of the BY variable or variables, and within each BY group, by the order of the data sets in which they occur. See Interleaving SAS Data Sets for an example of BY-group processing with the SET statement. In your DATA step, use a SET, MERGE, MODIFY, or UPDATE statement to read the SAS data set. Use SAS programming statements to process the data and create an output SAS data set. In a DATA step, you can create a new data set that is a subset of the original data set.

You can use SAS data sets as input for DATA or PROC steps by specifying the name of the data set in the following: a SET statement. a MERGE statement. A generation data set is an archived version of a SAS data set that is stored as part of a generation group. A generation data set is created each time the file is. Concatenating data sets is the combining of two or more data sets, one after the other, into a single data set. The number of observations in the new data set is.

If the KEEP= data set option is associated with an input data set, only those variables that are listed after the KEEP= data set option are available for processing. To read data from an existing SAS data set, use a SET statement. In this example, the DATA step creates data set plumbingcontractorsneworleans.com_PEAKCOST by reading data. There are three ways to open a SAS data set: To read from an existing data set, submit the USE statement, which opens a data set for input. The general form of. 25 Feb - 7 min - Uploaded by SAS Software In this video, you learn how to use a SET statement in the DATA step to read a SAS data set.


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